When I was 10 years old, somebody gave me a "Learn to Draw with Jon Gnagy" drawing set.  Working through that book, I discovered that I had a talent for drawing!  As a teenager, I loved to draw portraits from my friends' class photos and from collected pictures in magazines - always working in black and white - and I delighted in the realism I achieved.  But not unlike many budding artists, I pursued a different professional path, putting my passion for art on the back burner, where it simmered over the decades.  

I earned a Masters degree in Accounting, became a CPA and worked in corporate tax.  I didn't go into a completely catatonic artistic state, though.  Every so often, I added a little something to the pot on the back burner and give it a stir; starting with photography, which I pursued over those many decades.  Photography taught me a lot about observation and composition and I became obsessed with capturing light and shadows; all of which continue to influence my work.    

Turning the simmer up just a bit, I took a series of watercolor classes in my late 30's and rediscovered the joy of creation (and COLOR!!).  That was when I turned my focus to capturing landscapes with color and I never looked back.  Now that I am retired from the corporate grind,  my passion for art sits squarely on the front burner and I have added pastels to the now boiling pot.    With pastels, I love the luscious colors and the depth, complexity and mystery that can be achieved when the colors are layered.  I also love the clean, fresh transparency and the ghostly images produced by watercolors.  Even better, I found that combining the two mediums adds a wonderful element of spontaneity to the process.

I work in plein air and from photographs.  When I start a painting outside, I try to capture the magic of the lighting, which changes quickly, and then I finish it in the studio using photos as a reminder.  My goal is to capture what photos can't - the very essence and feeling of the place.